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Why Choose Us?

We value our users and strive to give them an innovative platform they can use to earn more money each and every day. By reselling exclusive hotel deals at competitive prices, Rooooms.com will save you and your costumer a lot of time and money by bringing you the best hotels comparison rates in one easy and simple search. To learn more about Rooooms.com, feel free to contact us; we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. Thank you for visiting us today, please take the time to sign up and join other travel sellers already earning more.


Use top of the art features and lots of search options
to find exactly what your customer need. User friendly and very easy to use.


Compare more than 150 wholsellers (All under the Rooooms brand) and another 20+ OTA'S In one single search, to find the best rate and simply earn more.

About Rooooms.com

Welcome to Rooooms.com, the most professional hotels comparison system in the world of travel professionals.
We offer travel professionals from all over the world the chance to profit from some of the largest web travel brands in the industry; that’s right, you could be earning commissions right now from some of the top names in travel.
We serve a new generation of travel professionals that wants to earn more money, consistently and effectively while having fun.

Our Philosophy

Rooooms.com was founded under two very important principles; to offer travel sellers a trusted, reliable platform they could depend on to earn commissions while effectively serving their clients with the best private or web prices that exist, also giving the resellers a higher level tools and options that are currently unmatched by anyone else in the industry today. Our goal is your continued success in the travel industry; join us today you won't regret it! Rooooms.com is totally free to join and our easy-to-use platform makes getting started a snap. In no time at all you could be earning excellent commissions from the largest travel brands in the world.

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